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means of friendship
Friendship is where you can trust a certain someone to always be there for you when your down or to cheery you up when something bad had happened, friendship is also where the two friends share a bond that they can express there feelings and know that the won't be told to anyone else.

means of friendshit
Like a foul-weather friend a friendshit only calls when they have a problem, you won't hear anything from them when their life is good by their own definition. Generally a friendshit is shit at being a friend

tengs 2 god coz i have friends like yuu , i really appreciate oke ,thanks so fuckin' damn much baby. i swear that you are the best among the best! no one can ever replace you in my little heart. hmm, even we torn apart i will never leave you. thanks fer always supporting me and never leave me no matter in hard or easy way. thanks coz always be my shoulder to cry on when i need someone.it's been a while that we've never seen each other. at this moment, i don't noe why suddely i felt like i really need you to be in your arm. i'd just too missing you. i mean it hunny. i love you till doomsday BESTFRIEND


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